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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
dA ID drawn by Rolfwolf

Unfortunately I am very slow at replying to messages. Don't think I'm ignoring you!

About me:

:bulletblue:My older sister in real life is Rolfwolf (She's an awesome artist, go check out her art!)
:bulletblack:I have 4 dogs, 3 cats, 1 horse, and a goat.
:bulletwhite:I ride both English and Western horseback riding, but English is my favorite! <3
:bulletblue:I train my dogs in Agility, Obedience and Rally.
:bulletblack:I speak English, but I'm learning German currently!
:bulletwhite:I also really enjoy reading! :)

A few things I like:

:bulletblue:Reading! Especially fantasy/fiction novels.
:bulletblack:The Hobbit. It's one of my favorite books! (I of course love Lord of the Rings as well <3)
:bulletwhite:Harry Potter (mainly the books)
:bulletblue:The first arc of Warriors by Erin Hunter
:bulletblack:Horses, wolves, cats, dogs, any canine really
:bulletwhite:Spirit:Stallion of the Cimarron :love:
:bulletblue:The Black Stallion
:bulletblack:Spirit:The Chronicles of Narnia (books & movies)
:bulletwhite:Dog training
:bulletblue:Horseback riding
:bulletblue:Bernese Mountain Dogs
:bulletwhite:The Arkenstone

Okay! :D My piano competition is out of the way, so it's time to play catch-up on everything else! xD

The competition went great! I didn't win or anything, but I'm not surprised. I mean, these people had TONS of experience, compared to me who didn't even know how to read music until 3 and a half years ago. I wish I had a recording of the guy who won 2nd-place because MAN HE WAS AMAZING. He played the Hungarian Rhapsody and NAILED IT. Like, in my opinion, he could've totally been a professional. And the guy who won first place was equally indescribably amazing. My piano teacher said they were beyond level 10 (I think the most difficult song I played was around a level 9) and they were orchestral-ready.
And the 3rd-place guy was really amazing too -- I actually knew him from my piano camp. xD And the other 2 people who got into the finals with me were also from the piano camp! :)

So anyway, the audition was earlier in January. Idk how many people were in my age division, but they took 6 of those people to the finals -- including me -- which was Saturday. And honestly, I'm just super happy because that means I was in the top 6! And, I THINK that I saw someone else from the piano camp competing at the audition, and I remember that he was really really good, I think he's my age or just a little bit older. But, if he did audition, he didn't get to the final round -- which would mean they took me over him o_O But idk. xD He's super good. Oh yeah, and I know that another of my friends competed last year and got 3rd place, but idk if she auditioned this year. But again, if she did, that means they took me over her too.

But yeah, two people I didn't know got 1st and 2nd place, and then two friends from the camp got 3rd and an honorable mention. xD And that's as far out as they went in the prizes, so idk if I got 5th or 6th.

I'm honestly super happy with how far I've come with my piano. 2015 has definitely been the year where my piano has improved the most. I mean, one of the songs was so difficult for me, that when I was first learning it I couldn't even get past the 1st page without having to stop because I would just be so mentally exhausted. And now here I am with it memorized, playing it in a competition! A lot of the songs I played this year were so much more difficult than my songs from last year -- they make them look so easy. But they WEREN'T easy for me back then! I remember really struggling with those 3 songs for the last competition! Idk, I'm just trying to say that I am really pleased with how much I've improved. I don't need a 1st prize trophy to tell me that.
(also, it helps that I'm just not very competitive at all... I guess spending a lot of my childhood competing in different things really desensitized me to that. xD) But yeah, I played 7 songs! It was 14 and a half minutes of playing (although counting the time taken in between each song, it was around 16 mins).

But yeah, I really didn't mean for this journal to sound braggy like it does, LOL.... I was just trying to explain that I'm not throwing a pity party about not placing, and showing that no matter what happened, it doesn't change how proud (and surprised? LOL) I am for coming this far. And I just hope that I can continue to improve this year. :)

SO. (:< This is where MY New Years starts! I feel pumped! It's time to kick everything into gear, and clean out this inbox! And tons of other fun stuff that I'm not even going to list! Lol. xD I'm actually really excited for some of this stuff!
  • Mood: Triumph

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