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United States
dA ID drawn by Rolfwolf


Guten Tag! :D

A few things you might want to know about me:

:bulletblue:My older sister in real life is Rolfwolf (She's an awesome artist, go check her out!)
:bulletblack:I have 4 dogs, 3 cats, 1 horse, and a goat.
:bulletwhite:I ride both English and Western horseback riding, but English is my favorite! <3
:bulletblue:I train my dogs in Agility, Obedience and Rally.
:bulletblack:I speak English, but I'm learning German. And it's awesome!
:bulletwhite:I also really enjoy reading! :)

A few things I'm a little obsessed with:

:bulletblue:READING. Especially fantasy/fiction novels!
:bulletblack:The Hobbit! It's my absolute favorite book ever!
:bulletwhite:Lord of the Rings. I surprisingly like The Hobbit better, but still really love LotR
:bulletblue:Harry Potter (mainly the books)
:bulletblack:Warrior cats by Erin Hunter
:bulletwhite:Horses & wolves
:bulletblue:The Black Stallion
:bulletblack:Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron :love:
:bulletwhite:War Horse
:bulletblue:The Chronicles of Narnia (books & movies)
:bulletblack:Dog training
:bulletwhite:Horseback riding
:bulletwhite:Bernese Mountain Dogs
:bulletblack:The Arkenstone

Okay! The camp ended last night on Friday.  Inactive Until (probably) SundayJust letting you guys know, I'm not going to be active at all this week. I'm going to a piano camp that starts tomorrow and ends Friday. I'm kinda nervous because this is my first camp ever soooooo. yeah. xD Hopefully I don't get embarrassing memories that will taunt me for years to come LOL. If I do, I'll just try to brush them off.... like Nicholas would do. yeah. gonna try to be channeling Nicholas for the next few days LOL.
But anyway, most of the reason I'm telling you this is because I just wanted to say that I am working on a drawing and I've been really motivated to finish it but now I'm kinda disappointed because it's going to probably be next Sunday before I can even do any more work on it. ;-; (I won't be able to work on it on Saturday because I'll be playing for mass, and I'll need all the time I can get to practice the songs, lol. I won't be able to practice them at all during the week. xD)
But yeah, I think especially natural-horses will like my drawing. ;) <hint, hin

I have to say, it went much better than I expected! Yeah, there was still the "omg i'm so dumb, why did i do that, stop stop stop noooo, never again" moments, but I just brushed them off and was so busy I didn't even really get to think about them, so I've actually forgot about half of them... And if I forgot them, everyone else probably did too. LOL. And there were also moments that just felt really great. :) I hung out with some (REALLY FUNNY) people. And I gave them the number of the phone I share with my siblings, but idk if any of their texts are actually going to go through (I have an old phone and they were going to try and set up a group text thing, but idk if my phone can receive those or something? xD) Soo it's quite possible I won't even talk to them until next year, oops lol. (I was so worn out I didn't even think about giving them my email, or asking them for their numbers... wtheck xD)

But yeah! I got a lot of good advice from some pretty amazing piano players, including one my my instructor's old piano teachers! She was really nice and encouraging to me, lol. xD Half the time when I was in private lessons with her, I was thinking "omg stop being so nice i don't even know how to react" xD

But yeah! On the first day, they matched everyone up (there was 12 people in the camp -- 6 guys and 6 gals) for duets! I've never done a duet on the same piano before. But I'm happy because I got matched up with someone really cool. xD She was nice and fun, and also really really good at putting emotion into her songs (which is my weakness -- so we complemented each other well, haha).

But yeah, I was nervous for the duet. Because at the end of the camp, on Friday night, they had a recital where all the students preformed their solo pieces that they'd already worked on before the camp (and then polished during it). But they ALSO had everyone play their duets. So I had to learn the secondo part (lower part) of the duet in five days and then preform it.

It went really well, though! I only pressed a few wrong notes, but I kept going and didn't loose my spot in the music (trust me-- the way the duet practices were going, pressing just two or three wrong notes was the best we'd ever played it LOL. Not to mention that we realized a day or two before that we had been practicing the ending wrong the entire time, and I still couldn't get used to how it was supposed to actually sound lol.) And my solo piece went great as well. I'm just kinda sad now, though, because I spent most of the camp practice time on that duet, and now... I can't play it anymore... Like, I can play my secondo part, but I have nobody to play the primo part with me. ;-; Sad. I was just beginning to like the song, too, LOL.

But yeah. The camp has definitely helped me in many ways. Including desensitizing me to eating in front of people, LOL.
In a way I'm relieved it's over, because it reallllyyy tired me out, and I missed being around my family and pets xD (and I also don't have to worry about embarrassing moments, and I don't have the nervousness of the recital hanging over my head. xD) But I'm also sad because the whole group of people just clicked really well, and everybody was SO hilarious, omg. I spent so much time just laughing. xD And normally when I'm in public, I really like to have my alone quiet time every once and a while, but I actually found myself trying to find some of the campers just because I didn't want to miss anything they said. xD

So yes. I'd call this a good experience. I really hope everyone comes back to the camp next year, because each and every person just added something to the group that made it all the more enjoyable. Like when you read a good book and just think, "omg, all these characters are just perfect together. I would read books full of JUST their interactions."
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That's good! I hope your exams went okay! And oh, pffft, there's a lot of new things for me, LOL. It's stressful and everything's changing, and I wouldn't even be able to explain it all to you. Not to mention that if I ever did, it'd probably just change right afterwards and void anything I said LOL. But I'm doing pretty good, anyway! <3
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